Sep, 8 2019Tammy Gough w/ Live Band/Kevin Denning
Sep. 22, 2019DeeDee Dougherty-Lottie/Kevin Denning
Oct. 13, 2019Sheldon Lawrence/Mike Turner
Oct, 25-26, 2019Wichita Fall Festival Weekend - Jim Howard/Bob and Kay Kurczewski
Nov. 10, 2019Mike Turner/Mike Turner
Nov. 24, 2019Barbara Whitehead/Kevin Denning
Dec. 8, 2019Tammy Gough/Barbara Whitehead/Sue Dellere - Terry Lewis
Dec. 22, 2019No Dance - Merry Christmas!
Dec. 31, 2019Tammy Gough/David Myers - New Years Eve Special with breakfast following
Jan. 12, 2020Wichita Area Square Dance Callers Fundraiser Dance
Jan. 26, 2020KSDA January Dance - Salina
Jim Howard and Jonathan Marshall/Kevin Denning
Apr. 3-4, 2020Wichita Spring Festival - Scott Bennett and Greg Jones/Jim and Carol Tucker