2022 Wichita Spring Festival

Circle 8 will not be having a dance on April 10 because we all will be enjoying the weekend at the 2022 Wichita Spring Festival. This years Spring Festival kicks off at 6:00pm on Friday with Advance rounds presented by our local cuers. Plus dancing with our local callers starts at 7:00pm and Mainstream with Rounds starts at 8:00pm.

Saturday morning, round dancers can enjoy the featured cuers of Paul and Linda Robinson with teaches starting at 9:00am. Square dancing with the featured caller Scott Bennett begins with Plus dancing and workshop starting at 12:30pm. Square dancing and rounds continues into the evening.

Dancing is at the Westside Church of God. 1900 West McCormick, Wichita, KS.

Wichita Spring Festival Flyer

March 13, 2022 – Mike Huddleson and Kevin Denning

Circle 8 is looking forward to hosting our March 13 dance with Mike Huddleson calling and Kevin Denning cueing. Please join us as we we continue to welcome all new dancers into the square dance activity. Also remember, this is the start of Daylight savings time, so please ensure your clocks are set forward so you won’t be late. Rounds with Kevin start at 5:30, while squares with Mike begin at 6pm. Dance is at the Park City Senior center, just North of Wichita, Ks.

Circle 8 Welcomes new dancers

Circle 8 hosted a great dance on February 27 where many new dancers were welcomed into our activity. A fun time was enjoyed by all.
Our next dance is March 13, 2022 with Mike Huddleson calling the squares and Kevin Denning leading the rounds. Please join us at 5:30 for pre-rounds, with squares starting at 6:00pm at Park City Senior center. Park CIty, Kansas, just North of Wichita.

2021 New Years Eve Dance

Circle 8 invites everyone to the 2021 New Years Eve dance. Join us for a fun evening of dancing with Tammy Gough calling the squares for the evening. This year will include some fun games throughout the evening as well as we celebrate our 75th anniversary as a club. A delicious breakfast will be served at 12am as we ring in the New Year for 2022!

Remember the “guess the items in the bags”? There will be many more for guesses for prizes.

Join us at 9pm to start the evening at Park City Senior center, at Park City, Kansas. Breakfast at midnight!

October 10, 2021 – Celebration Continues

Circle 8 continues celebrating 75 years as Square dance club by hosting a dance with Allen Hahn calling and Kevin Denning cueing the rounds. Allen is calling in place of Sheldon, who was unable to call our dance. Join us for a fun with pre-rounds starting at 5:30 and squares starting at 6pm at the Park City Senior Center in Park City, KS — just North of Wichita on I-135. Oh, and bring your punch cards (Remember, every card with 5 dances marked is can be entered into a drawing at our New Years Eve dance.

September 12, 2021 – Circle 8 celebrating 75 years as a Square and Round dance club

Circle 8 invites all dancers to our first dance of the new season where we will be celebrating 75 years as a club. Tammy Gough will be calling the squares with David Myers cueing the rounds for the evening. Also that evening we will be honoring those dancers who when through lessons this summer and introducing them to the square dance community.
Pre-Rounds: 5:30 – 6pm
Square Dance: 6pm – 8:30

Circle 8 Dances

Circle 8 Square and Round dance has temporarily ceased all dance activities to promote social distancing and reduce the chances for Covid-19 pandemic spread. We are disappointed as much as many are, but feel it is the right choice at this time. Please continue to do your part in reducing the spread possibilities and we will be back to dancing sooner than later.

2020 September 13 – Celebrating Dancing

Sunday, September 13, Circle 8 is starting up the new dance season after a long separation among the Covid-19 concerns. Tammy Gough and Kevin Denning will be sharing their Square Dance calling and Round Dance cueing with us. Dancing starts with rounds at 6:30pm with squares starting at 7:00 pm.

We are being cautious though. We have hand sanitizer and temperature checks to support. While we encourage dancers to enjoy the evening with us, we do discourage those that are not feeling well, or are just not comfortable in the current environment. We understand.