Feb 23, 2020 – Sue Dellere/Kevin Denning

Lessons are going well for Circle 8 with a good number of both new students and others returning to the Square Dancing activity. We look forward to your seeing you in a Square.

Please join us for our next dance on February 23 for a great night of dancing with Sue Dellere calling the squares and Kevin Denning leading the rounds.

Rounds start at 6:30, with Squares beginning at 7:00 pm at the Senior center in Park City, KS

Learn to Square Dance!

If you have ever thought about square dancing, or even want to see what it is like, join the many other new people on February 1 at Park City, Ks Senior center to get a taste of it.

Park City Senior Center
Park City, KS
Saturday, February 1, 9am – 12pm

Just North of Wichita, KS off of I-135.

We had many people join us last week. Singles and couples are welcome. Grab a friend and come along!

26 January, 2020 – KSDA Meeting and Dance

Circle 8 invites all square and round dancers to the KSDA January dance in Salina, KS. All KSDA members should attend the meeting starting at 1:00pm . The dance is open to all square and round dancers, beginning at 3:00 pm.

Jim Howard and Jonathan Marshall from Oklahoma City, OK will entertain everyone to some great music and dances. Kevin Denning from Wichita, KS will lead everyone through an afternoon of round dances.

Meeting and Dance are held at the 4-H building in Salina, at Kenwood Park.

Dance cost: $7.00 for KSDA members – $8.00 for non-KSDA members.

2020 January 12 – Annual Wichita Area callers association fundraiser

Circle 8 is pleased to host their annual dance to benefit the Wichita Area Square Dance callers association. Proceeds to the dance go to the callers association to help support the dangle dinner for the area square dancers. Our area is host to many fantastic callers and cuers.

Our dance on January 12 will feature the Wichita callers and cuers throughout the evening. Rounds begin at 6:30, with squares starting at 7.

2019 New Years Eve Party

It’s an annual tradition! Join Circle 8 as we celebrate the arrival of 2020 to an evening of Square and Round dancing with our own Tammy Gough leading the square dancing and David Myers leading the rounds. Rounds start at 8:30pm. Square Dancing starts at 9:00pm. Circle 8 will treat our dancers to breakfast into the new year.

Join us at the Park City Senior center just North of Wichita as we dance into the New Year!

2019 Dec. 8 – Rock & Roll Angels! Terry Lewis on Rounds

Circle 8 welcomes Sue Dellere, Tammy Gough and Barbara Whitehead back again for our Christmas dance. These Rock & Roll Angels will keep you moving and make sure the night is fun for everyone! Come out and enjoy rounds with Terry Lewis, too! Texas Hold’em for prizes so bring your cards from the fall dances! See you there!!

Remembering the fun we had with 2 angels and a little devil in 2018. Come out for more fun in 2019!

2019 Nov 10 – Mike Turner for Squares and Rounds

Circle 8 is pleased to welcome Mike Turner back to share his talents for both Square Dance calling and Round Dance Cueing. Mike has a nice selection of Round dances for our community, while leading us through some great square dance choreography and great singing calls.

Rounds starts at 6:30pm at the Park City Senior center, with Square Dancing immediately following at 7:00pm.

2019 Wichita Fall Festival

Be sure to join Circle 8 as we attend the 2019 Wichita Fall Festival on Oct 25-26 in Wichita, KS. Featured Caller is Jim Howard from Oklahoma and Bob and Kay Kurczewski from Texas.

The festival is held at the Westside Church of God, 1900 West McCormick, Wichita, KS.

Friday: Local Callers and Cuers
6:30pm – Rounds
7:00pm – Plus Squares
8:00pm – Mainstream Squares

Saturday: Featuring Jim, Bob and Kay
9:00am – Advanced Rounds workshop
10:15am – PH2 Rounds workshop
12:30pm – Plus Squares with Jim
2:30pm – Mainstream Squares with Jim
4:00pm – Advanced Squares with Jim
6:30pm – Rounds with Bob and Kay
7:00pm – Squares with Jim (starting with Plus)

This is a fantastic event, with exceptional concessions from Westside Church of God members.

Download a flyer and be sure to attend.

2019 Sept. 22 – DeeDee and Kevin

You don’t want to miss this opportunity to dance to DeeDee Dougherty-Lottie with Kevin Denning cueing rounds. DeeDee always brings out the energy from the dance floor for an exciting evening. Combine that with Kevin with his great round dance selections. In the afternoon, Diamond A+ is hosting DeeDee with an advanced dance.

2-4:30 – DeeDee with A1/A2 Adanced dancing with Diamand A+

6:30-9:30 – DeeDee and Kevin with Rounds, Mainstream and Plus.

Join us at Park City at the senior center just North of Wichita.

DeeDee Dougherty-Lottie
Kevin Denning