Circle 8 Wins League Travel

Congratulations to the many Circle 8 members who traveled and collected the League travel cards. At the 2024 Spring Festival, the many clubs within the Kansas Square Dance Association Gold District participated in the League Travel Card program turned their collection in. Circle 8 collected the most cards and was the recipient of the winning prize from the League. Thanks Circle 8 members for supporting the clubs in the district!

2024 March 24 – New Dancers!

Join us on Sunday, March 24 as we welcome our new (and returning) dancers to square dancing with Circle 8 and square dancing in general. The dancing fun begins at 5:30pm with Mike Turner cueing rounds and Tammy Gough calling the square dance.

Also – all guests will be treated to great Circle 8 Chili! Come also to enjoy.

Hope to see you on Sunday at Park City Senior Center, Park City, KS

2024 January 14 – WASDCA Benefit Dance – Canceled

Update – owing to the extreme weather conditions, Circle 8 has decided to cacncel the Jan. 14 dance.  We invite you to our next dance on On Sunday, Feb 11.

January 14 starting the new year off right by supporting our Wichita Area Square Dance Callers Association with a benefit dance. The Wichita Area Callers and Cuers are sharing their time with Circle 8 to allow square and round dancers the opportunity to hear them. All proceeds from the dance will be donated to the WASDCA group for their use in supporting the dancers.
Pre-rounds start at 5:30pm with Squares starting at 6:00pm at the Park City Senior Center, Park City, Kansas!

2023 Dec 10 – Circle 8 Benefit Dance

Tammy Gough and her Angels along with Mike Turner will be helping Circle 8 with a benefit dance with all proceeds going to Sleep in Heavenly Peace – a Sedgwick County non-profit organization to build beds a provide to families in need – led by our Circle 8 Members Rich and Susan Neu.  You can also bring twin bedding or a quilt for dance entry.

Dance starts at 5:30pm with Rounds and 6:00pm for mainstream.  Multiple callers will be sharing their talents.

Park City Senior Center, 6100 N Hydraulic Ave, Park City, KS 67219

2023 November 26 Dance – Canceled

The Park City and Newton areas received a large amount of snow on Saturday, Nov 25. The Circle 8 dance planned for Sunday, November 26 has been canceled owing to poor road conditions. We look forward to seeing you at our next dance, December 10, which is a benefit to Sleep in Heavenly Peace for their bed building missions.

2023 November 12 – Jonathan Marshall (pre-Plus)

On Sunday, November 12, Jonathan Marshall from Oklahoma City, OK will be sharing his talents for our enjoyment at Circle 8. Jonathan has went full time into music, so in between square dances, he will also be providing music for our enjoyment or country dance pleasures. All are welcome to join us. Pre-Plus starts at 5:30pm, with mainstream starting at 6:00pm at the Park City Senior Center, Park City, Kansas. It is sure to be a treat!

2023 Oct 8 – Darryl Lipscomb and Dennings

Our next Circle 8 dance welcomes Darryl Lipscomb from Oklahoma to share his square dance talents in a mainstream dance with some plus tips. Adding to Darryl is Kevin and Diane Denning to start us off with same great round dancing.

Rounds start at 5:30pm with the Dennings, and 6:00pm with Darryl on the squares.

Join us at Park City Senior Center at 61st and Hydraulic in Park City, KS.

For those that enjoy Advanced dancing, Darryl will also be having a dance at 1:30pm hosted by Diamond Classics at the same location – Park City Senior Center.

Hope to see everyone there!

10 September, 2023 – Let’s STICK with Dancing ….

Circle 8 begins a new dance season with a “STICK with Dancing” theme. We are glad you have decided to STICK with dancing. STICK is an acronym, so come to our first Circle 8 Dance this season to learn more.

Tammy Gough is calling squares with Mike Turner cueing rounds on Sunday, September 10, 2023. Rounds start at 5:30pm at Park City Senior Center with Squares beginning at 6pm.

Join us as we also celebrate the graduation of new dancers from our Summer Square dance lessons.